Vés al contingut


El contingut de la pàgina no s'admet en altres llengües.
De Viquidites

Proof of a particular case of the Pythagorean theorem reproduced from a Book written by Abraham Bar Hiyya in Barcelona 900 years ago.
Catalan Wikipedia meeting in Berlin organized while stranded due to the Icelandic volcano's ash. I am the one with the white hair.

Wikipedia is my hobby. The idea of free knowledge enthusiasms me because we are performing a fun activity while contributing to build a work that has value for humankind.

It seems to me that this paradigm breaks the classical outlines of economy where you dedicate a part of your time to do things for the others in exchange for money in a stressful environment and another part of your time to consume things using this money. I think that if there were more and more people dedicating to the projects part of their time the world would be a bit better and the people would live a bit happier.

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